The first goal of our company is to ensure that our customers travel in a clean, safe and comfortable vehicle and that they are satisfied with the result.

All of our vehicles are new and serviced and are the vehicles that our customers can lease without hesitation.

Unconditionally, with customer satisfaction, together with specialist, gullied and qualified personnel, provides services in and around İzmir.

Since we have paid attention to your time, vehicle delivery is carried out around Izmir free of charge. Our company is to give priority to the sector with short and long term car rental service.

The honesty principle has been adopted in order to ensure the mutual satisfaction that you are important to us for your expectations and requirements. In order to be able to increase your qualifications furthermore, sharing your wishes and suggestions with us in the communication section will be an important criterion.

Thank you for choosing Car Rent Izmir ...
CAR RENT İZMİR is an BORGA GROUP organizaton.